Friday, 6 March 2015

Bowls is perceived as "an old mans game" NO WAY!

Bowls is perceived as "an old mans game" NO WAY!

Times have changed in the world of Bowls, Indoor and Outdoor. Where it has always been looked upon as "an old mans game", it now has a very young following, starting as young as 5-6 years of age.
Bowls Clubs all over are providing youngsters with intro training and games. Starting early will give the youngsters a great sport to be involved in and give their clubs and public of the future great games to watch. Professional Coaches make the introductions fun, with special "target" mats and games to bring out the best in them. You can see the competitiveness even at that age. It also brings the family members down to the club to watch and support whilst enjoying a cup of tea/coffee, or even a beer for dad and uncle.

Youngsters seem to have a natural fluid delivery of a wood that I envy. No pre thought of what is the
right or wrong way to bowl, brilliant! With many young people now taking up bowls we are seeing them in National competitions throughout the UK . Absolutely marvellous.
We recently hosted a National Game with Lucy Smith (right) and Amy Stanton (middle) Marker Gill Fry from MidGlos Club.(left)
for the National Inter Area Ladies Singles Final. Many spectators witnessed a great game that finally went to Lucy Smith 21 - 15.
The point is, that by introducing someone to Bowls enables them to try something new and finding out that they are actually enjoying the game and are quite good at it.

MidGlos have quite a few young players that are growing with the game and are playing in many competitions. The accuracy of these youngsters can be staggering. Many a seasoned player would give their eye teeth to play as well!
Tony Allcock is a Life Member at MidGlos Indoor Bowls Club and fully supports all ages of players coming into the game.
Many other sports are giving more time and finance to encourage the younger people into a variety of activities, from Football, Rugby to Tennis and now Bowls is being better recognised as a growing sport for the young.

Any and all sports activities are great, healthy both physically and mentally.
It gives a better healthier outlook on life itself, encouraging drive and determination, which also reflects in working life. Support Sport!

Bowls "an old mans game" NO WAY! 

We all have the images of Elderly Men, with Tweed Jackets, Flat Caps and Smoking a Pipe, playing Bowls on a week-end down the Sports Green. Very exclusive and not many young people.
Yes, times have changed and it's for the better.
I do not have the figures but I would say that there are as many Ladies playing Bowls as their are men.
So when you hear a young family member or his/her friend saying " I would love to try that" Get them down to your nearest club for a "roll up". They might just be the future champions!