Friday, 10 April 2015

The time is upon us, Outdoor Bowls is here!

The time is upon us, Outdoor Bowls is here!

The greens are ready and calling out to you, the trouser and skirts are pressed and cleaned.
Shirts and blouses are on the hangers.
New chats and conversations are ready to explode with lots of hugs and 'how are you's', 
Matches are booked and at the ready with all of the background  preparation carried out by many unseen volunteers.
Mowers have been serviced and trimming the last minute wisps of grass. 
Bowls woods have new club stickers on them and have been polished ready for the first bowl.
The weather forecast is good and the bar is ready to open. 
Some new members this year, a few retiring to the bench to observe.

With many bowls clubs having their own social bar etc, it is a time to boost the coffers for the next five months. Giving members the opportunity to support more than just green fees and teas with raffles. Every club in the UK and as far as Australia need the support from the members as times do not get any easier. So stay for a drink, bring a friend, it all helps!

New members are welcomed in every club, so even if one in every three members introduces someone new to the club, the future will look more secure. 

Rules are there to be followed yes, but be patient with your team members, encourage and enjoy through friendly advice and conversation. Take it seriously but not too serious! Go home feeling good whether you have won or lost, Enjoy the game and the people around you!

Good luck to everybody, GAME ON!

Any players or Clubs are welcome to use MidGlos Bowls Club Indoors if the occasion arises, bad weather, don't cancel, give us a ring. Some visiting teams travel a long way so don't suffer or disappoint. Bring your tea with you! Not everyone can be picked, need a roll up, give us a ring!

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