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Bowls Dress Code - Times Change!

Bowls Dress Code - Times Change!

It's always nice to see a team arriving and playing in unison wearing Club Team Colours.
It makes for a presented front and looks great in the photos.
The odd one or two end up standing out if not wearing the same.
But what is an accepted dress code?

Either white trousers and white polo shirt, Grey trousers and white polo shirt, and for the more formal game, a white shirt with a club tie!
But over the years things change with many things. It is regularly stated that the game of Bowls has to keep pace with the more modern times.  What do I mean by this?

Well, taking a look back over the years, we see a dramatic change of dress, with ladies wearing regular daily clothing and gentlemen wearing a very casual but smart for the day attire.

More than 90% of bowling clubs now wear a smart "club"shirt. This being a Polo shirt with the clubs colours, Badge and some with a very modern colour design. Many now have a club sponsor that has a small sponsor name or logo on the front or sleeve of the shirts, this is fair and now common practise!

Are the days of "shirt and tie" numbered? What do members think? It may suit some of the senior members, but will not appeal to the younger players, ranging from teens through to their 60s.
The "Old Mans"game (see previous blog) is reflected in some of the different clubs dress code. It IS smart, but very dated. When you see many of the newer generations playing, it is refreshing to see colours. New types of trousers are being worn, whites are mainly worn on the more official games, County etc. It does not mean we all end up looking like football supporters, it's just new and fresh.
Many a senior player look very good in a new style shirt, but quality does improve the look.

Inter Club friendly's are games to enjoy, the bowling, the team spirit and the social blending and competition between clubs.
On the left here we see the Club Wessex shirts, extremely smart and sponsored by
WhiteKnights Insurance and Mortgages. Who are on the shirts as "The Mortgage Warehouse".

MidGlos now have a very smart club shirt as well. Thank you also to the generosity of the Mortgage Warehouse.

Here is a small selection of shirts, when all of the team are dressed the same it looks great and makes you feel better when the other team are parading theirs!

 This style of dress code is more in line with the game of today. Times are a changing from the "old days"and todays clubs must change with also. There will still be a time when shirt and tie is requested, but then the player can decide whether to play or not.

                       IF NOTHING CHANGES, 
                                             EVERYTHING REMAINS THE SAME!

If bowls clubs wish to grow, they must welcome change and many have realised this.


What are your thoughts? Do you have any views? Do you have any say? Do you have any interest? 

If you do not wish to go public, then send an E-Mail to and it can be posted as anonymous.
(This post was written by a Senior member of the club for many years and wishes to remain private.)

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