Monday, 1 May 2017

Dropping Wood Sizes

There seems to be a trend happening at the moment, or is it just me?

A growing number of players, younger and older are dropping wood sizes. Obviously, when someone gets older they may get weaker or have a condition such as arthritis, they may not be able to hold the heavier wood.
But what about the stronger players, they can hold and bowl the larger sized woods easily, but they are dropping from the sizes five and four, down to threes and even two's.
I myself no longer use a size five. I have settled on size four.
For me, it feels great and it rolls great.

This has made it difficult to sell the larger wood, be it EBay, club notice board or privately.
The knock on effect has seen the prices of sizes 00 through to size 3 rise.
00, 0, and size 1, are very hard to find, and are fetching above average prices. Even when the condition of the woods are lacking in condition.

Chips, scratches, paint, don't seem to matter to some players, but still fetch good money.
A new website is a good place to find a good selection of woods and regularly hold smaller sizes. The woods are gathered from a selection of players, club boards, private sales and even EBay, making it easier for players to use as a one stop used shop.
Other items such as trolley bags, bags, measures and clothing also come to light here.


  1. Seems quite convenient that a directors web
    Site is named as a place to buy your woods from I'm sure it states in tbe club articles that NO director should gain financially

    1. It’s strange when anonymous people leave incorrect statements. The above link is a young man from Manchester area operating a Facebook page to sell and promote Bowls to everyone. Players from all over use his site to showcase their woods for sale or if they are looking for a set. He has thousands of followers. His name is Josh. Recommended.